We raise our students with godliness and high morale values


We raise our students to be the best they can be with excellence as a lifestyle

Positive Influence

We raise our students to become agents of transformation in the society

You are Welcome!

You are heartily welcome to Godly Seeds Christian College, Enugu. The College is a Christian secondary school located in Enugu, in Enugu State, Nigeria. 

The school began in September, 2016. It is a school where the inculcation of godliness and Christian virtue is blended with the pursuit of academic excellence with a view to raising future leaders with positive influence on their generation. 

If you have a child you would like to be raised in such a manner, you will do well to introduce the person to us or come and get him or her registered without further delay. 


Do you desire godliness and excellence for your child?

Why Choose Us

Godliness/Christian Education

Our curriculum includes activities that ensure godliness and moral values are inculcated into our students

Conducive Environment

Our moderate classroom size and our moderate school population ensures a conducive environment for learning

Qualified Teachers

Our pursuit for excellence ensures we have teachers with high educational and moral standards for our students

Leadership Training

Our leadership/discipleship training sessions helps our students grow to become agents of transformation in the society

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